We have listed the most Frequently Asked Questions here. If you can’t find your answers here, please contact Customer Service: [email protected]

You can contact us via



  • Customerservice United Kingdom and Ireland:  +44 1322 927 753
  • Customerservice USA and Canada: +1 833 600 0745
  • Customerservice Australia: +61 1800 875 098
  • Customerservice New Zeeland: +64 800 468 258

You register by

  • First selecting the Psychic you would like to talk to that is available and then click on the “Call Now” button.
  • You can also click Menu in upper right corner, and select “Customer Registration” in menu.

It is free to register on PsychicReadings24.com. Your registration will always be part of your first call to one of our Psychic Readers. We offer a 50% discount on your first call as a new customer.

We offer a 50% discount on your first call as a new customer. Offer available to NEW Customers ONLY. Get 20 minutes with 50% discount. Please note, discount apply to first call only.

Any remaining balance from your first call (if call was less then 20 minutes) will remain in your balance and can be used towards your second call at our regular prices.

Please visit our “How It Works” page to read more.

We will call you: 
After you have registred and confirmed your reading, you will be called imidiately after (10-20 seconds) by your selected Psychic on the phone number you have entered on your registration.
We have different Pricetiers see our Prices here.
If your are a New Customer You will get Our Offer:  First Call 20 minutes with 50% Discount.

In the Menu in your upper right corner.

Click on Login, and use your Email and Password to login.

We are accepting different payments card 
  • Visa
  • Visa electron
  • Mastercard
  • Maestro

For your privacy drawings from PsychicReadings24 will show on your Bank Statement as Universal5.

Yes, Your Payment data are stored Safely with Our Payment Gateway Provider Bambora.com, not with us.

Click here to send an Email to make a new Password.

It’s a Queue function.
If your selected Psychic is Busy you can by clicking “Callback”, enter a Queue and will be called when it’s your turn. You can see estimated wait time and number of people in Queue on the Psychics Profile.

You can click on the arrows or the picture of the Psychic, and that will take you to the Psychics Profile page. Here you can see the schedule and when shes logged on again next time.

Check in your account that you have registred the correct Phone Number and that you have sound on.
If you are using a mobile phone, be sure that you have a good mobile signal.
If you still are experiencing problems please Call or Email Customer Service.

After each Reading you will have the option to give a Review of your Reading.

We and the Psychic would appreciate your kind feedback.

login to your account and click on “Callback”. Here you change or add a number. We are calling the number you set as Primary.

Call History is where you can se all your previous purchases. And when clicking on one, you get all the details.

You can in Your Account under “Add Funds” add more funds or you can enable the “Pay as You Go” function, to give you the freedom to extend a call.

PAY AS YOU GO give you the freedom to be able to extend the call. 
If PAY AS YOU GO is not enabled on your account, then your call will be cut after your maximum duration of minutes is up ( depending on how much you have in your account balance).

Before starting a Reading enable “PAY AS YOU GO” in your account, then you will have the freedom to extend a call.

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