Many people have heard of Clairvoyance and may even have a firm understanding of what it can be used for. For others though, it is not so clear and needs a little more explanation. One common question you may need answering, for example, is how does a Clairvoyant work? How do they receive messages to pass onto you from the spiritual world? You can find out the answers to these questions and more below.

5 different types of Clair

The first important thing to understand is the Clair. This is how the Clairvoyant receives messages from the spiritual world. Although there are over 100 clairs, the 5 you will most commonly come across are:

  1. Sound
  2. Scent
  3. Vision
  4. Taste
  5. Feeling

Clairvoyants get in touch with spiritual guides and these guides send messages down to them via one of the above routes. These messages then land in the emotional register of the Clairvoyant to pass onto you. This happens quickly and can see the spiritual guide send numerous messages down for the Clairvoyant to translate. One key point to note is that the spirits will communicate with each Clairvoyant in the most effective way for them personally. This means that each Clairvoyant will work in a slightly different way.

The spirits are in control of the messages

The next point to understand is that the spirits are in control of the messages passed on. In clairvoyance, the clairvoyant opens themselves up to the spirit world. They make all their senses available for use to spirit guides and ready their entire body to receive any communications. As noted above, the spirits will then choose which senses they feel best to send messages through.

If this is vision, for example, a clairvoyant might receive messages as symbols or actual images to pass on. If the message is intended for a very private individual, these images or symbols might be hard for the clairvoyant to translate but resonate with the intended recipient.

The real art to how a clairvoyant works is being able to step aside and allow the spirit world to draw on their own energies. No clairvoyant will work in exactly the same way. As a recipient though, the same basic message or content should come through. It may just be how it is communicated that will differ between clairvoyants.

Phone psychic reading or physical session

When you think about clairvoyance, you might bring to mind images of dark rooms full of mystery and candles. These physical sessions would see the clairvoyant make contact with the spiritual realm in front of the people gathered there. While this is one way to go about it, phone psychic reading also works.

But how can this be? In simple terms, the spirit world is independent of place and time. Therefore, it does not matter when or where a clairvoyant makes contact with it. This means that a psychic reading over the phone is perfectly possible and just as effective. A good comparison to help understand this better is how we can now use the internet to chat to people anywhere in the world – even if we are not in the same room as them.

Many people actually find a telephone psychic reading to have distinct benefits. The clairvoyant, for example, is not distracted by your physical reactions, clothing or facial expressions when working. By avoiding any distractions like this, the clairvoyant can focus 100% on the messages they are getting to pass on. Phone Readings can also be preferred by the public as they know the messages they are getting are not influenced by any external factors.

A crucial point for any physical or telephone psychic reading though is to always have a good feeling about it. You should always feel safe and comfortable when talking to a clairvoyant.

Clairvoyance speaks to your personal situation

In addition to using specific clairs to receive messages, most clairvoyants will also use their empathy to feel your energy in a session. This allows them to get answers around your personal situation at that time and how you can improve it. Clairvoyance is so effective because it is based on coming to you as a human, in the situation you find yourself in at the time. By doing this, it helps you to gain insights which drive change or enable you to reach goals.

After the clairvoyant has felt your energy, they will come out of the feeling and then enter into their clairvoyant state. If they were to stay in an emotional sphere before communicating with the spirit world, their answers could be muddled by what you are feeling. Clairvoyants are very well tuned in an emotional sense and can recognise their own emotions in relation to those coming over from their spirit guides.

One thing to remember is that the clairvoyant will only be passing on messages from the spirit world – they are not telling you what to do next. You must remain aware that your life is your own and you have the responsibility to make your own decisions. Spirit guides can give you options or messages through a clairvoyant but you must make the final call.

To help you in this, it is vital to enter any clairvoyant session with an open mind and heart. Rather than asking when you will meet a new partner, for example, you would be better asking when will you meet a partner who will look after you and make you happy. The beauty of clairvoyance is that it helps you to discover what you cannot currently see in your normal life.

Guidance around achieving your goals

As we have noted above, clairvoyance does not give you set answers to your questions. The results from a telephone psychic reading or physical session are far more powerful and useful than that!

A clairvoyance session will provide potential answers to help you overcome challenges or achieve your goals. Our daily lives are so hectic that some problems seem impossible to get past. The messages that a clairvoyant will pass on from your spirit guides will enable you to move past them. By providing possible answers to think about, they help you to see things more clearly.

One very important aspect in getting the most from your clairvoyant session though is being aware of what you wish to know and/or be open to change. This puts you closer to your goals in life and helps the spirit world guide you in a more effective way. If you head into a session wanting to know how your current relationship may pan out, for example, this will help your spirit guide provide advice on the subject to help.

What can you ask in a clairvoyance session?

The simple answer is anything you like! There really is nothing between heaven and Earth which is off-limits. From work to love, health and investments, you can ask about anything in your life you need help with. Due to this, anyone in any walk of life can get the help they need from a clairvoyant.

If you have challenges you need help meeting or questions about your life you need answering, clairvoyants can contact the spiritual world and pass their wisdom onto you. Your spirit guides are ready to show you how to take away any obstacles which are blocking your path in life and help you get to where you want to be.

Once you have finished a telephone psychic reading or physical session, you should feel rejuvenated and much more positive about your life or any challenges you are facing. You should also feel much more able to live your life in a constructive, vibrant way.

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