A Clairvoyant Reader is there to provide assistance and guidance on a wide range of life’s issues, so the topics you can ask a Clairvoyant Reader about are numerous. As long as it’s about you, you can ask a clairvoyant about anything you like. Here you’ll get some inspiration for some of the most popular questions.

Questions about your love life

Love is a defining part of our lives, and we spend a large portion of them either yearning to be in a relationship or seeking to improve a relationship. You may be wondering if love is going to blossom for you in the near or distant future. You can ask your Clairvoyant Reader “do you see a future partner for me?” and they will be able to give you some insight into the potential options open to you. This can help give you peace of mind and confidence. If you have just come out of a bad relationship, or you have been single for a while, it can be heartening to know that there is still a chance for you to find the kind of fulfilling relationship with a partner you truly deserve.

You may already know who your preferred partner might be, in which case you can ask your Clairvoyant Reader for tips about how you might display your affection for them. There might be several potential partners you are considering, and you might wonder if you should follow your heart or your head. Two very different futures may manifest for you, depending on your choice. Ultimately the choice is always going to be yours, but your Clairvoyant Reader can help to give you some more clarity to ensure you make the most informed decision possible.

It’s also possible you already have a relationship – depending on the nature of that relationship, you can ask your Clairvoyant Reader a range of different questions. If there are things you are not happy about, for example, you can ask if there is any guidance you can follow to potentially improve your situation. If you are happy and want to make sure you stay that way, you can ask about the future of your relationship – “will the love of my life and I spend the rest of our lives together?” is always a popular question.

Curious about your career?

Aside from love, something else that takes up a large portion of our lives is work – your Clairvoyant Reader can provide you with experienced guidance about all things career-related. It may be a question of whether or not they see a better opportunity for you in the future, a chance to earn more money or to get your dream job. They may have tips and advice for you about how you can improve your situation and get a job that you find far more personally, spiritually, and financially satisfying.

If you are having issues at work, you can ask your Clairvoyant Readre for guidance about ways to approach them. Whether it be an issue with the job itself, a disagreement with a colleague, problems with your boss, or your pay, you can ask your Clairvoyant Reader if they see a way for you to get past your challenges and to regain your happiness in the workplace. If you don’t know what you’d like to do for a career, you can ask your clairvoyant what industry they see your skills being best applied in.

Money matters

Your Clairvoyant Reader can assist you with matters relating to your income and the way you approach money. You can ask them, for instance, “am I wasting my money?” or “do I need to save more money?” – this can give you the onus you need to put away for a rainy day. It’s always popular to ask what your long-term financial situation is going to look like. You can be as direct as possible and ask “will I be rich one day?”, or you can approach it more subtly and simply ask if you will be comfortable.

Money is a big concern for a lot of people, so your Clairvoyant Reader can be perfect to help you better approach the way you look at your financial situation. You may even want to ask “do I place too much importance on money?” – the answer to this question might lead you to look at other avenues in your life that give you pleasure and happiness and focus on them.

Your life purpose

“Who am I?”, “Where am I going?”, “What am I doing with my life?” – these are questions a large portion of people have asked of themselves, and your Clairvoyant Reader is always available to help you better understand the answers.

If you’re feeling unsatisfied, your clairvoyant can help you better understand why that might be, and what your paths to a happier life might look like. The key is realising the answers to the questions within yourself, and using your Clairvoyant Reader to help guide you in the right direction to find them. You may ask about how you can better help others, whether or not you spend enough time with your family and friends, or even how you might go about finding a better work/life/relationship balance.

Understanding your answers

Whatever you ask your clairvoyant is up to you – as long as you keep your questions centred on yourself. Bear in mind that your Clairvoyant Reader won’t be able to tell you what horse to place a bet on, what lottery numbers to pick, or give you a guarantee that you’ll be a millionaire before your 50th birthday!

What your Clairvoyant Reader is there for is to help you understand the path to improving your happiness, your life, your job, your relationship, and your general approach to your being. This is YOUR time with your Clairvoyant Reader, ask them the questions you really want to, within the aforementioned framework.

If you go into your Reading understanding the types of questions that will yield the most useful answers for you, you will make your Reading with your Clairvoyant Reader as productive as it can possibly be.