After several years of marriage that culminated in a tough divorce, a woman was looking for some guidance on what the future, in particular the coming year, would offer. With a Tarot Card Reading covering the next 12 months specially interpreted to her personal life, she was able to give herself what she considers, in her own words, to be the greatest gift in a long time.

At PsychicReadings24, we rely on our Clairvoyant senses alongside several different tools at our disposal. One of these tools is cards. When you ask a question, a tarot card reading creates a visual image in response. If your question is complex or you are looking for a larger overview to make sense of a particular situation, it is often worthwhile to lay out each tarot card so they can be looked at together. In fact, it is always useful to consult the tarot cards when a new situation arises in your life, as they may provide new insight.

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For this particular woman, her divorce was an emotional and chaotic time, arising from the difficulties leading up to the final breakup and her consuming thoughts about what the future would hold. Would everything be ok? What would her life be like now? As the woman had previously received psychic readings and intuitive guidance via PsychicReadings24, she chose to have a personal annual horoscope prepared.

‘Getting a Psychic Reading is the best gift I have ever given myself. When I chose to have a personal annual horoscope prepared by PsychicReadings24, I once again gave myself the biggest gift I have ever received in my life’, the woman said.

Tarot cards show themes, guidance and obstacles for the coming year

We laid out 12 tarot cards – one for each month – and two supporting cards: one card for what will help the woman in the next 12 months in relation to the themes that emerge, and the other card for what obstacles the woman will encounter in relation to those themes.

For each month, we reviewed what will happen on the outer plane and what will happen on the woman’s inner plane. After that, we linked the different months together so that the woman could see the common thread in the themes and make sense of what is to come. Finally, we reviewed the transverse themes such as development themes, external themes and internal themes.

We also reviewed various options for action in relation to the coming year. The woman also received answers to some specific questions she had across the 12 tarot cards and the two supporting cards.

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Personal annual horoscope provides insight and overview

‘During the one-and-a-half-hour reading, I was told about each tarot card in an absolutely heart-warming way, and the cards were turned with huge insight, clarity, love and care. I was given a clear light on my life for the coming year, and it gave me the insight, courage, and joy to throw myself into the next 12 months. The tarot reading has made me much wiser about myself and my development’, the woman beamed.

At PsychicReadings24, we lay out tarot readings based on your specific situation, such as annual readings, birthday readings, wedding readings, or readings in connection with a new home or a new job. The possibilities are endless. We use both tarot cards and Steven D. Farmers Earth Magic Cards.

When you order an overview of the next 12 months, you get a tarot reading for the next 12 months, an interpretation that is personalised just for you, and an overview of the year, both relating to your inner development and your outer life. We will not just focus on the themes that fill you right now, but also those that the clairvoyant can see will fill you in the future. In addition, we provide you with tools related to interpretation that you can use as the months go by and in order to face the individual events that may show up.

‘I can only wholeheartedly recommend PsychicReadings24 if you want to seek out a skilled Psychic Reader who is in a class all to herself, and I can definitely recommend having an annual horoscope where you get a brief overview of your life and your future in the most rewarding and amazing way’, the woman concluded.

If you are also in a life-changing situation and need to get an overview of your life, a Tarot Card Reading is an obvious option. Contact PsychicReadings24’s Talented and Trusted Psychic Readers today and find the clarity you have been searching for.

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